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Quail is a game bird that many people never get the chance to try. While there are a number of wild quail species that people hunt to eat, our supply of fresh quail meat comes from local farms. This has allowed us to introduce many people to the wonders of quail meat without the worry of added hormones or other ethical issues. If you have never eaten quail, this is your chance to try the delicious poultry!

Like many other game animals, quail has a stronger taste than other domesticated animals. This stronger, gamey taste can be unappealing to people if the meat is not prepared in the proper manner. Here at El Molcajete Restaurant, we know how to use quail’s gamey taste along with the taste of stronger spices in order to create succulent dishes that will leave your mouth watering for more.

Many people are not aware of the amazing health benefits that quail meat has. Both wild and farm raised quail are a great source of vitamins and proteins that are especially beneficial for athletes. While eating from our quail menu every day here at El Molcajete Restaurant is a possibility that you would definitely enjoy, we offer the chance to buy quail meat that you can prepare yourself to benefit from at home. Nothing else that you will find at a meat market will be as tasty or as good for you as quail meat.