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El Molcajete Restaurant

Our Location:

2741 Lee Ave
Sanford, NC 27332

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Business Hours:

Tues-Sat 9:00am-9:00pm
Sun 9:00am-8:00pm

El Molcajete Restaurant is a unique and legitimate source of Mexican food in Sanford, NC that cannot be compared to any other eatery. With delicious food that comes at great prices, we provide not only the tastiest food in the area, but an atmosphere that makes eating a meal with us enjoyable and memorable.

All of your favorite Mexican dishes are served here at El Molcajete Restaurant. From fresh and organic ingredients, we create all of the food that you have grown to love. Our menu includes dozens of options for tacos, burritos, and enchiladas. We also have traditional dishes such as huaraches, tortas, and other unique dishes that we create using the recipes we learned at the knees of our mothers.

Part of what makes us so unique is the fresh quail meat that we offer, both on our menu and for sale. We have a partnership with local farms so that we can offer unbelievably fresh quail meat to our clients. You can choose to experience this delicacy by choosing a dish from our menu or buying the quail meat to cook yourself!

There is no better eating experience in Sanford, NC that comes at such reasonable prices. When you want to try something new, or enjoy an old classic, do yourself a favor and choose El Molcajete Restaurant.